Families’ Health Related Social Problems and Missed Referral Opportunities

June 2007

Unhealthy Consequences: Energy Costs and Child Health

April 2007

Medical-Legal Partnerships: From Surgery to Prevention?

Spring 2007

From Principle to Practice: Moving from Human Rights to Legal Rights to Ensure Child Health

February 2007

Why Pediatricians Need Lawyers to Keep Children Healthy

November 2006

Rx for Tenants

Fall 2006

Affordable Housing and Child Health: A Child Health Impact Assessment of the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program

June 2005

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May/June 2005

Immigration 101 for the Pediatric Practice

April 2005

The Family Advocacy Program: A Medical-Legal Collaborative to Promote Child Health and Development

Summer 2003

The Lawyer is In: Why Some Doctors are Prescribing Legal Remedies for Their Patients, and How the Legal Profession Can Support This Effort

April 2003

Employment Barriers Among Welfare Recipients and Applicants with Chronically Ill Children

September 2002

Relationships Between Welfare Status, Health Insurance Status, and Health Care Among Children with Asthma

September 2002

Welfare Reform and the Health of Young Children

July 2002

Knowledge of Welfare Reform Program Provisions Among Families of Children with Chronic Conditions

February 2002

Welfare, Women, and Families: Implications for Clinicians

Winter 2002

The Association of Childhood Asthma with Parental Employment and Welfare Receipt

Winter 2002

How Substandard Housing Affects Children's Health

October 2000