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  • Co-designing systems that detect and address people’s HRSN and meet individuals and families where they are (screening tool customization, workflows, expectation management strategies, and more)

  • Innovative, interactive curricula at the intersection of social needs, health disparities reduction, and top-of-role problem-solving strategies

  • Real-time embedding of public interest advocates within interdisciplinary case reviews to issue-spot legal risks, rights, and remedies — at the individual-, population-, and systems-level

  • Rapid response consults and coaching for workforce members when they confront complex HRSN without obvious solutions

  • Safe hand-offs of individuals and families with acute/complex needs to MLPB-curated legal specialists


All supplied nimbly:

– via experienced team members who bring strengths-based, trauma-informed lenses to this consumer-centered work, as well as understanding of organizational imperatives and culture  

– with assurance that training, tools, and recommendations are up-to-date with regard to dynamic, complex federal and state laws and policies governing consumer access to health-promoting benefits and services

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