Project DULCE (Developmental Understanding and Legal Collaboration for Everyone) was a randomized controlled trial conducted within Boston Medical Center's Pediatrics Department from 2010-12. This study tested the impact of a Family Specialist intervention — grounded in skill sets tied to Strengthening Families protective factors such as access to concrete supports — on a range of health, material hardship, and healthcare quality measures. MLPB served as a consulting specialist to the Family Specialists deployed to support the families enrolled in the study. The study's compelling findings were published in Pediatrics in July 2015:
  • Reduced Emergency Department utilization
  • Increased adherence with preventive care
  • Accelerated access to concrete supports like food and utility service
On the strength of this pilot, DULCE is being replicated in five counties in California, Florida, and Vermont. This national demonstration project is led by the Center for the Study of Social Policy. MLPB is proud to serve on the national team as TA (technical assistance) lead for the MLP partners in those five counties. 

Theoretical framework. Adapted from Barnett, DULCE leveraged support from MLPB to address upstream factors: food, housing, and utilities hardship, and to identify and support other family legal needs. This intervention was designed to reduce overall family economic pressure and the resultant downstream results.                                 Source: